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Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson



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Lance Johnson was diagnosed with RP at the age of 12. Both his mother and one sibling have RP. He's a 30-year old freelance video editor living independently in Brooklyn. He started the See-Through Pod podcast to create transparency on life with a disability through the broadcast of raw conversations with the disability community.

Lance interviews people who "are shaping the future of the disability community." Guests have included artists, athletes, influencers, motivational speakers, comedians, scientists, researchers, technologists and human rights activists. His show focuses on living life. All episodes are great. 


Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

Chad E. Foster HIGH-IMPACT MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER As a successful corporate executive, international motivational speaker, and the author of Blind Ambition™, Chad uses his gift of going blind to teach and inspire us to thrive with change, create a more resilient leadership culture, and invite diversity to drive business innovation. 

Michael Tubiak and Steve Johnson
Michael Tubiak & 
Steve Johnson

The RP Show

Facebook Channel & YouTube Channel

Michael Tubiak was diagnosed with RP when he was 14, maintaining most of his vision into his 30's. Then, his vision dramatically declined.  In 2019, he started Living Free with RP. Michael now co-hosts The RP Show with Steve Johnson, a Brit who also has RP.  The two created the show because they "wanted to share all of the knowledge that they have learned over the years, especially wanting to help those who are newly diagnosed. To help them feel more at ease". 

Catarina Rivera

Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH is a public speaker and DEI consultant with over 14 years of experience in the public sector. Catarina works with companies to advance disability awareness, inclusion, and accessibility. She is the founder of Blindish Latina, a platform smashing disability stigmas through storytelling. Catarina has worn hearing aids from a young age and was diagnosed with progressive vision loss at 17 years old. She has a BA from Duke University, a MSEd from Bank Street College of Education, and an MPH from Hunter College. She is a member of RespectAbility's National Disability Speakers Bureau. Catarina is committed to social justice.

Through her work, Catarina shares her expertise and lived experience. "As a disabled Latine woman, I'm proud of my intersectional identities. I'm proud of my disability. My white cane makes me feel powerful. I live a rich, exciting life and I deserve full inclusion into society." 

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